How Doritos and Mountain Dew Created a Rap Battle for the Ages

Peter, Morgan, Missy and Busta lit up 2018's brilliant two-for-one Super Bowl spot

In 2018, PepsiCo made history by introducing two new products—Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice—in the same Super Bowl ad. And not just any Super Bowl ad—one of the best ever made, featuring an epic rap throwdown between Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman, with cameos by Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott. 

In our latest episode of the Clio Awards series "The Most Memorable Super Bowl Ads of All Time," learn how the Goodby Silverstein & Partners spot came to be, with commentary from:

  • Tyler Cameron, Television Personality and Model
  • Danny Robinson, Chief Creative Officer, The Martin Agency
  • Jai Rodriguez, Actor and Television Personality
  • Yamaneika Saunders, Comedian and Writer
  • Tim Nudd, Editor in Chief, Clio Awards and Muse by Clio
  • Matt Wallaert, Behavioral Science Expert

This episode is one in a 16-part series looking at classic Super Bowl advertising. See more episodes below as they roll out:

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Doritos Blaze vs. Mtn. Dew Ice

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Chief Creative Officer: Margaret Johnson
Associate Creative Director: Rohan Cooke, Laura Petruccelli
Copywriter: Caroline Cappelli
Art Director: Ryan Tovani
Producer: Christina Wells

Production Company: Reset
Director: Nabil
Managing Director: David Morrison
Executive Producer: Deannie O'Neil
Producer: Jessica Lee
Line Producer: Doochy Moult

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Executive Producer: Rana Martin
Editor: Damion Clayton
Producer: Dina Ciccotello
Edit Assist: Mike Spagnoli

VFX: The Mill
Executive Producer: Enca Kaul
Producer: Hillary Thomas
Production Coordinator: Mary Mondrus
Shoot Supervisor: Edward Shires, Tara DeMarco

VFX Creative: The Mill
Creative Director: Tara DeMarco
2D Lead Artist: Tara DeMarco
3D Lead Artist: Shaun Comly
2D Artist: Rob Winfield, Elad Offer, Mandy Sorenson, Peter Sidoriak, Yukiko Ishiwata, Chris Hunsberger, Christel Hazard, Kai Chun Tsai, Jake Maymudes, Tim Robbins, Patrick Dirks 
3D Artist: Daniel Stern, Charles Storniolo, Daniel Soo, Jason Kim, Benjamin Chan, Jinguang Huang, Lamarcus Harvey, Michael Lori, Danny Garcia, Alice Panek, Elizabeth Hammer
Matte Painting: Itai Muller, Bill Mather, Roger Kupelian, Elias Gonzales, Simon Brown

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