Always 'Like a Girl,' From Online Viral Hit to Super Bowl Champion

The story of Leo Burnett's 2015 masterpiece

It was an unlikely place for a feminine hygiene brand to bring its message of female empowerment—the Super Bowl, the most testosterone-fueled event in the world. Yet that's also why it was perfect. Leo Burnett had turned the phrase "like a girl" on its head with a three-minute viral film in 2014. But the 60-second cut on the 2015 Super Bowl would bring the message to so many more people. Hear from our panel experts—including Judy John herself—all about this milestone event from seven years ago.

  • David Lubars, Chairman/Chief Creative Officer, BBDO
  • Judy John, Global Chief Creative Officer, Edelman
  • Matt Wallaert, Behavioral Science Expert
  • Tim Nudd, Editor in Chief, Clio Awards and Muse by Clio

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