Ōura, Nike, Samsung, Coca-Cola and More Celebrate Paris Olympics

Navigating life's challenges with grace is a key theme

As the world prepares to turn its eyes toward the Paris Olympic Games, Muse has rounded up some of the best work created around the global mega-event. So far, we've got metaphors for life, user-generated content, data-driven kits and more.

We're adding work as it breaks. Last update: July 16.

'I Take You, body, in Sickness and in Health' - Ōura

The maker of the smart ring takes traditional marriage vows and transforms them into a lifelong commitment of nurturing an individual’s body, fittingly timing health and wellness. Developed by Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

'Stains Happen to the Best of Us' - Tide

The laundry detergent's :30 highlights life's messiness, both on and off the track. Noah Lyles and Carl Lewis drive home the ad's tagline. Saatchi and Saatchi's PG One Team created the work.

'For Every Golden Moment' - Corona Cero

The non-alcohol brand urges people to stay close to nature and celebrate life's moments big and small. The action cuts back and forth between emotional Olympic footage and the highs and lows of everyday life. Developed by Grey.

'Open Always Wins' - Samsung

The electronics giant communicates that through an open mind "every new experience becomes a meaningful achievement." Even failure reveals important truths and creates infinite possibilities.

'The Vault' - Powerade

The Coca-Cola-owned sports drink took inspiration from Olympic champion Simone Biles, taking her example of how a person can navigate life's challenges and triumphs. In the spot, Biles demonstrates grace under pressure. Created by WPP Open X led by Ogilvy.

National and Federation Kits - Nike

The brand's kits for 2024 are heralded as the "most athlete-informed, data-driven and visually unified" ever. Based on 4D motion-capture data honed by algorithms, each outfit was engineered specifically for specific competitions. Moreover, each kit was inspired by athletes themselves and the diverse countries and sports they represent.

'Paris Creator Collective' - NBC Universal

In partnership with Meta, Overtime, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube, the media titan has devised a multi-platform social program that allows 27 creators to tell their personal, on-the-ground stories of the Games. 

'Prodigies' - Visa

The credit card company's ad embraces the small steps people must take in order for big things to happen. Pop icon Pharrell Williams, chef Roy Choi, artist Gemma O'Brien and Olympic skateboarding medalist Sky Brown are on hand. They demonstrate the hard work, challenges and ultimately the triumphs inherent in playing the long game. W+K developed this approach.

'Proud to Welcome the World to France' - Air France

The airline created a campaign featuring a young woman sporting make-up in the colors of the French flag, complete with a welcome message from the Air France staff. The face image is a nod to Marianne and the French Republic. Created by Air France's marketing agency.

'Celebrate Everyday Greatness' - Coca-Cola

The beverage behemoth's over-arching campaign highlights how everyday moments can translate into greatness and create "Real Magic" in unexpected ways. 

'For the Everyday Heroes, it's Heinz or Nothing!' - Heinz 

Virtuosos get their due in this Olympics spoof. Do they give Gold medals for opening bottles and packets? They surely should. Remember: "The taste of victory has never been so delicious." BETC Paris created the work. 

'Lit Games' - Bic

The maker of disposable lighters spoofs the Games by scoring just how well Martha Stewart does when sparking up a candle. Snoop Dogg serves as judge. A 10 out 10, of course!

Shahnaz Mahmud
Shahnaz Mahmud is a contributing writer to Muse by Clio.

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