David Hasselhoff, Back on the Beach, Helps SodaStream Save Sea Turtles

Actor spoofs Baywatch for Earth Month

In an Earth Month appeal, David Hasselhoff spoofs his lifeguard schtick from Baywatch's classic opening sequence, dashing down the beach with a SodaStream sparkling water machine instead of a rescue buoy.

Dave's hellbent on helping the brand save sea turtles. But the cute critter imperiled by plastic waste in this :45 seems a tad freaked out when Hoff campily leaps into action:

SodaStream Earth Day Campaign 2022

Dude can still rock swimwear! He's awesome as always, poking fun at his own persona, much as he did in madhouse turns for Fuser and Pluto TV a few years back.

SodaStream will donate proceeds from each sale in April to nonprofit SEE Turtles. By doing so, it hopes to save 1 million at-risk reptiles. There's an AR experience too, and here's more Hoff in BTS footage:

SodaStream Earth Day Campaign BTS

Director Shachar Segal and creative lead Alon Seifert shot the video in Santa Monica, near Baywatch's actual filming location.

"David surprised us all by bringing his original red bathing suit and buoy from the Baywatch series to the set," Karin Schifter-Maor, the brand's global CMO, tells Muse.

Maybe he sleeps with that stuff at night. He's earned the right!

"As in all of SodaStream's campaigns, we always remain true to our environmental DNA while keeping relevance and our famous lighthearted tone," Schifter-Maor says. "We believe this is the best way to share our important messages and engage people to join our movement. Finding the right talent partner to stay true to these roots is the power of SodaStream as a brand."

Last year, SodaStream glammed it up with Randi Zuckerberg for a cheeky climate appeal. Sea turtles and ecology also featured in the company's mega-chill 2020 holiday romp starring Snoop Dog.

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