Randi Zuckerberg Goes Glam in SodaStream's Cheeky Climate Appeal for Earth Day

She urges everyone: 'Don't just share—care!'

Can social sharing around environmental issues generate large-scale positive change in the real world? Not so much, according to entrepreneur and media personality Randi Zuckerberg, who headlines a wildly amusing sustainability appeal for PepsiCo's SodaStream.

"I'm not saying angry posts or sad GIFs can't get people's attention," she says in the 90-second film below. "But honestly, when all we do is share stuff online instead of taking real action, the world doesn't give a [BLEEP]!"

Now, what will Randi's baby bro Mark think when hears her say that?

Presumably, she won't care. "I'm my own person, regardless of who may or may not be a member of my family," she says at one point, crushing a glass to smithereens in mock-consternation.

SodaStream. Don't Just Share - Care

Other funny stuff includes a helicopter pilot telling a polar bear trapped on an ice flow, "Don't worry. Sarah from New Jersey just shared your story, so everything's gonna be alright!"

For the big finale, Randi goes full-on glam, Broadway-style, with a rousing musical number, belting out: "Sodastream says no to single-use plastic. And SAVES ... THE ... WORLD!" (Her dancers dress as cups and wield giant straws, naturally.)

Lastly, she points users to SodaStream's website to learn what they can do fight climate change and help improve the planet.

"We're always looking for disruptive ways to share our environmental message, and Randi Zuckerberg is not only highly talented, she has the famous last name that makes the perfect wink to our message of not only being virtually concern," Sodastream chief marketer Karin Schifter-Maor tells Muse. "Randi has also always been passionate about making eco-friendly choices. We pitched her, and she was excited from the beginning."

Developed with production house Borax in Israel, the spot, titled "Don't just share—care," and timed to Earth Day today, admirably sustains its self-aware goofiness to make some important points. SodaStream frequently scores with culturally attuned comedy, most recently with its chill holiday push starring Snoop Dogg.

Here, Zuckerberg strikes the perfect tone throughout, delivering the comic goods much as she did more than a decade ago in a parody iPhone music video, when she sang, "Dontcha wish your cellphone was hot like me?"

"Throwing a Frappuccino over my shoulder at an actor behind me will forever go down as one of the funniest, and most challenging things I've ever filmed," Zuckerberg says of her SodaStream experience. "I apologized so many times, and it was hard to get a clean take through all the laughing."

Along with the campaign, SodaStream is upping its green game for Earth Day in various ways. The maker of home carbonation machines will now develop all of its devices from recycled or plant-based materials. What's more, the company vows to switch all of its plastic flavor bottles to metal by year's end.

What's more, in the U.S., SodaStream is offering limited-edition Art for Action bottles, with 10 percent of the profits supporting ocean conservation.


Production: Borax
Post: Yaron Yashinsky
DOP: Lael Utnick
Art Director: Michael Sasson

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