SodaStream Chills With Snoop Dogg for the Holidays

The 'small things' in life bubble up

When SodaStream hangs with Snoop Dogg for the holidays, chill times ensue.

Directed by Jake Szymanski in a laid-back, self-aware style attuned to the rap legend's persona, a 60-second spot finds winning ways to deliver an environmental message about reducing the dangers of single-use plastic waste.

Snoop stresses that the small things in life are often the most important. "So, this year, instead of throwing a big holiday party, I enjoy a simple dinner with my family," he says. Around the table, his kids and even the pooch sport computer-generated mustachioed Snoop faces. Oh, and he's really into, um, baking (duh).

And as for the surprise duet partner in Snoop's home studio…

SodaStream & Snoop Dogg | The Small Things

…it's a CGI sea turtle, of course!

"I don't need to start a nature relief fund to help save the planet from plastic waste," Snoop explains, engaging a SodaStream carbonation machine. "I simply enjoy fresh sparkling water with a nearly extinct friend. Think small, baby!"

Maybe the gin and juice comes later, after the hirsute Snoop spawn go to bed. Looks like Just Eats isn't on the menu.

Creative director Alon Seifert oversaw the project for the PepsiCo brand, which reunites Snoop and Szymanski, who memorably teamed up eight years ago for an Adidas Christmas ad.

This marks SodaStream's first holiday campaign, and it will run in 20 countries. Snoop, a longtime sustainability advocate and real-life SodaStream user, is making his debut for the brand. Filming took place at a private house in L.A., with a plush turtle standing in for the animated Chelonian—more of a chill-onian, actually—added during postproduction.

Snoop is an ideal SodaStream pitchman because "he has a huge following and gives us the opportunity to address new audiences all over the world and from all generations," says company CMO Karin Schifter-Maor. "We want to reach audiences who are still hesitant to adapt sustainability to their life or not sure how this can apply to them. Snoop helps us show sustainability as something cool, fun and accessible to all."

SodaStream's last big commercial foray came during the Super Bowl, with a spot starring Bill Nye (the Science Guy!) about discovering water on Mars.


Creative lead: Alon Seifert
Production Company: Jiminy Creative Tel-Aviv
Production Services: Gifted Youth LA
Director: Jake Szymanski
Director of photography: Eric Treml

VFX, Animation & Post: The-Artery

Broll/BTS Video: Eduardo Caprilles
Photographer: Nihat Odabasi
Music: Tomer Biran

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