A Peek at Inter Miami's Mascot, Made From Upcycled Materials

Think boots, balls, jerseys and gloves

Inter Miami launched six years ago sans mascot. The club is introducing Heron later this year. The mascot is made entirely of upcycled materials like jerseys, gloves, balls and boots. (Major League Soccer goes through 12,800 pairs of boots and 5,400 balls every year.)

AKQA Bloom worked with sports upcycling company (re)boot and artist Gary Lockwood (aka Freehand Profit) on Heron's look. A BTS video features the work in progress.

(re)boot | Gary Lockwood aka Freehand Profit

"When (re)boot, AKQA Bloom and IMCF partnered together, we tried to find a creative way to bring sustainability and circularity to life within the club, pushing boundaries and using all the discarded material collected," say Jean Zamprogno and Fernando Pellizzaro, better known as Zampa and Zaro, ECDs and founders of AKQA Bloom. "Launching a mascot was always on the team’s radar; we were just waiting for the right moment and narrative. When we realized that no other team had ever created an upcycled mascot, we were inspired to do so. After months of collecting equipment, sketches, 3D models, and the actual costume build, it's finally time."

"Inter Miami was the first team to open the doors to (re)boot and its commitment to sustainability," adds Gaby Mas, founder of (re)boot. "So, when AKQA Bloom presented the idea of making their first mascot entirely out of upcycled material, it was a no-brainer. Beyond the environmental impact, this mascot represents the true spirit of football fans. It is made entirely of discarded, worn player equipment, bringing history and love for the game in every single piece."

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