David Hasselhoff Morphs Into a Crazed Club DJ in Video Game Campaign

Jonathan Van Ness, Chloe Kim and Diplo join the fun

Goodby Silverstein & Partners' launch film for Fuser, a DJ video game from NCSoft, opens with beloved '80s icon David Hasselhoff, clad in a bathrobe, fielding questions on a chat show.

Host: Tell us, when did you decide to become a DJ?

Hoff: I decided to become one … [looks directly into the camera with wild eyes and screams] ... RIGHT NOW!!

Cue the psychedelic visuals and flame-effects, as Hoff's robe morphs into a skin-tight shiny-suit. "Introducing … DJ Hoff!" a voice bellows from on high. The Baywatch and Knight Rider star busts some dad-moves and roars like a beast, transported to a wild wonderland of sound and light. He's a DJ now. It's his destiny.

And that's just the first 20 seconds of this frenetic minute-and-a-half film, which features Hoff plus celebs Jonathan Van Ness, Chloe Kim, Sommer Ray, Curtis Roach and Cheetos mascot Chester Cheetah working turntables amid pulsating beats and strobing neon. (And real DJ Diplo shows up, too.)

FUSER Presents: Unexpected DJs ft. David Hasselhoff and Diplo

Van Ness takes the club name "DJ Yaskween." Chester is "Young Cheezy." Ultimately, the stars appear as animated in-game characters and tear the dance floor apart with their righteous grooves.

Directed by music-video specialists Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman (aka, BRTHR), the film vividly illustrates how Fuser can make anyone a DJ—in a virtual sense, anyway. It invites viewers to DJDNATEST.com to learn more about the game, which launches in November. The title, from developer Harmonix, lets players create their own DJ personas—DJ Hoff's taken!—and mix 100-plus songs by diverse artists from different generations.

To create the hero clip, the team filmed the stars separately, but that doesn't diminish the non-stop energy. Seamless editing holds everything together as the message shines through.

"Hoff was the best. He couldn't have been more into it," GS&P art director Jason Gan tells Muse. "He completely embodied the mind of a DJ as he transformed into one. And it helped that he let us film in his house, which has a pretty epic living room."

GS&P has made a point of invading the homes of '80s pop-culture legends of late. Just ask Panera-addict Michael Bolton, who belted out his love for Broccoli Cheddar Mac & Cheese a few weeks back.

As for Fuser, "it's the fun, festival spirit of the game that we really wanted to bring to life," says agency copywriter Clark Chamberlin. "To that end, we choose our production partners specifically for their music video experience. Definitely a challenge doing it all remotely, but it all came together. It's definitely a vibe."

Hasselhoff and and Diplo go way back, we're told, and during the shoot the actor affectionately referred to the DJ as "Dippy." Good to know!

Along with the hero film, 15-second edits and an online "DJ Battle" with Diplo round out the marketing mix.


Ad Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Client: NCSOFT
Title of Creative Work: Unexpected DJs
Live Date: October 1, 2020

VP of Marketing: Tim Granich
Head of Communications: Ron Eagle 
Brand Manager: Kyle Lemmon 

Director of Marketing and Communications: Dan Walsh
Project Director: Daniel Sussman
Brand Manager: Rebecca Potter

Partner: Jeff Goodby
Partner: Rich Silverstein
Chief Creative Officer: Margaret Johnson
Creative Director: Laura Petruccelli
Creative Director: Rohan Cooke
Art Director: Jason Gan
Copywriter: Clark Chamberlin
Designer: Tiffany Zaporteza 

Director of Broadcast Production: Leila Gage 
Executive Producer: Tena Goy
Executive Producer: Leila Gage
Senior Interactive Producer: Severin Sauliere
Broadcast Producer: Sam Tarde 

Account Services
Group Account Director: Kiki Veralrud
Account Director: Clark Gieseke 
Account Manager: Audra Flores 

Business Affairs
Business Affairs Director: Judy Ybarra
Business Affairs Manager: Annie Holmgren

Production Company 
Company name: Serial Pictures
Director: BRTHR
Director of Photography: Chris Ripley
Producer: Tracy Broaddus
Executive Producer: Sara Greco

Editorial Company
Company name: Modern Post
Editor: Will Town
Senior Producer: Andrew Illson 

Colorist: Emiliano Serantoni
Color Producer: 
Executive Producer, Color: 

Company name: Cameo FX
Executive Producer: Sergii Mashevskyi 

Sound Design and Music
Music Mixer: FullTac
Sound Design: Mr. Bronx
Sound Designer: Eric Hoffman

Company name: Mr. Bronx
Mixer: Eric Hoffman
Assistant Mixer: Sarah Weck
Executive Producer: Lauren Flack

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