Awesomely Unhinged Bill Shatner Slams Open-Net Salmon Farms

NHL's Kirk McLean skates in, too

No more Captain Nice Guy!

William Shatner jettisons Canadian courtesy and hurls f-bombs in an epic tirade, bashing open-net salmon farming in British Columbia.

Pacific Wild | F Off Open-Net Salmon Farms

Cute cameo from NHL vet Kirk McLean. Kirk—heh.

Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort created the spot. That seems fitting, as both Bill and RR hail from our neighbor to the north, and they rock no matter the cause or context. (Ryan recently made a similar bleeping ad for Mint Mobile.)

Shatner's effort backs conservation group Pacific Wild, and invites Canadian viewers to join them in sending "the most un-Canadian letter ever to your elected officials."

Specifically, the organization contends that open-net salmon farming "releases deadly pathogens, parasites and pollution into the ocean." The campaign protests the Canadian government's decision to extend licenses to such facilities through 2029.

The clip began breaking online today. Vincent Peone directed through More Media. 

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