For Busch Light, an Astronaut Makes the 'Case Against Space'

Because planet Earth needs some TLC

Why bother exploring strange new worlds and boldly going where none have gone before? Let's stay grounded instead, right here on Earth, and kick back with a cold Busch Light!

Former NASA and SpaceX astronaut Doug Hurley makes that case in fresh work from the brewer. Kind of.

Below, the recent Congressional Space Medal of Honor winner notes that weightlessness ruins carbonated beverages. That means cosmically skunked beer, unfit for human consumption.

So, for Earth Month in April, he suggests turning away from space and concentrating on the big blue marble we call home.

"When I was up there looking back down on Earth, all I could really think about was: Damn, I really miss beer," Hurley says. "Physics makes it so we can't drink beer in space. The zero gravity prevents carbonation from rising. Turning beer into a foamy mess. Because we can't drink this up there, let's preserve what we have down here, in the great name of beer."

For every case of Busch Light sold next month, the Anheuser-Busch-owned brand will make a donation to One Tree Planted, "to help save our earth, so we can save our beer," Hurley concludes.

There's spacey beer imagery and forests in the :80, but mostly the dude just sits and speaks into the camera. It's appropriately down to earth—though less dramatic than a somewhat similar 2021 astronaut pitch from Polestar.

The Martin Agency developed the Busch campaign, in keeping with the fun vibe and environmental themes explored with Sarah McLaughlin and Kenny G during the last two Super Bowls (and in pretty much all the rest of its advertising).


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