Busch Light Built TreeWork, the Remotest of Co-Working Spaces

Getting away from already being away from it all

In this particular workspace, ants might jam the copier and bears could invade the breakroom. But at least you won't be fighting over the thermostat.

Busch Light, which bills itself as the woodsiest beer of all, just launched TreeWork—hey, that rhymes with WeWork!—inviting you to reserve space in an outdoor co-working set-up for a few days next month.

Per campaign materials, TreeWork provides "sleek and well-ventilated office space, powerful WiFi, Busch Light happy hours, on-site grilling, campfires, and most importantly, the picturesque backdrop of the Colorado woodlands."

"Well-ventilated." Heh.

"TreeWork is a response to the ongoing cultural conversation around remote working and the ubiquity of co-working spaces," explains Daniel Blake, group VP of marketing at Busch parent A-B InBev. "TreeWork leverages the beauty of nature to help alleviate some of the stress and fatigue that has been impacting all of us during an extended disruption to our normal routines."

The brand cites OnePoll research suggesting a half-hour spent outdoors leads to a 45 percent increase in productivity. So there's that.

Through the years, Busch has been all about back-to-nature activations, with forest weddings, pop-up shops and "tree-roll ads" taking root pre-pandemic.

In a barmy bit of similar category claptrap, Rainier Beer's anthropomorphic cans frolicked in the fresh air and sunshine at the hight of lockdowns last year. Back in 2019, SweetWater saluted trail guides to promote a new lager.

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