Sarah McLachlan Answers Call of the Wild in Comical Super Bowl Ad for Busch Light

Singer spoofs her animal rights PSAs

Sarah McLachlan heads for the mountains to spoof her animal rights PSAs in a Busch Light Super Bowl commercial.

McLachlan's cloyingly heartfelt ASPCA ads became staples of late-night TV in the 2000s (and they still pop up from time to time). Well-intentioned but oft-maligned, they feature her sad song "Angel," which also plays in the Big Game spot.

Watch as Sarah meets two furry friends in the wild: Busch Guy Gerald Downy ... and a wolf that invades her tent:

Ah, nature. So toothy and fierce. Who needs it!

The outing dovetails with "Busch Guide" lessons, a series of shorts presented by Downy that focus in beery fashion on topics such as avoiding poison ivy and how to signal rescuers. Sarah's topic is "Shelter," which can refer to providing homes for animals (her ASPCA specialty) or seeking refuge in the forest (sans Canus lupis, preferably).

Will McLachlan's turn maker her seem cool to a new generation? Probably not. Kenny G.'s Super Bowl foray for Busch last year didn't put him back on the radar, after all. Still, the sax master generated some buzz for the AB InBev brand, and Sarah looks to follow in his jazzy footsteps. G-Man's commercial ran in select markets, but McLachlan's trek into the woods will fill a national prime-time slot.

The team filmed at a national park in November, and while McLachlan aced her lines, "the wolf was more interested in chewing that tent than sitting in it," recalls Busch marketing head Krystyn Stowe. "The wolf needed help from its own emotional support dog—a darling golden retriever."

Yeah, stars get hairy on set sometimes.

That's a wolf-dog hybrid, by the way, and "in addition to being cared for by a team of professional handlers, we worked closely with Movie Animals Protected to ensure proper care and safety measures at all times while filming," Stowe says.

McLachlan has sent up her do-gooder image before, notably for checkout tech company Bolt. That push, from Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort, bemoaned the plight of abandoned shopping carts—a cause close to all our hearts.

The Martin Agency developed both the McLachlan and Kenny G Super Bowl campaigns. Of late, the shop has become expert at mining nostalgia for the contemporary scene. Its resurrection of '90s rap duo Tag Team for Geico became a cultural sensation, spawning countless memes and a limited-edition ice cream.


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