Foo Fighters' Horror Film Comes With a 'Demon-Fighting' Beer From Coors Light

It's like a Liquid Death campaign. Except not.

Coors Light hired an ordained minister to bless the mountain water in its limited-editor beer, called Coors Almighty Light, to ensure drinkers don't get possessed by evil spirits.

The promotion ties in with Studio 666, a full-length horror film by Foo Fighters that drops on Friday. The R-rated flick hypes the band's 10th studio album, Medicine at Midnight, released a few weeks back.

Frontman Dave Grohl looks pretty scary in the trailer. Around the 1:20 mark, he appears to channel Moe, Curly and Shemp from way beyond the grave:

Studio 666 (Official Trailer)

Nice freak-outs, Dave. Oscar voters, take note.

A project site promises Coors Almighty Light "will shield your soul with every sip" as you watch Studio 666. And the blessing is "non-denominational." Everyone can bask in the heavenly glow!

Mischief handled creative development, and there's a contest, too, but only in select states, with 666 24-ounce cans of brew as prizes.

Now, many of Coors' campaign elements—rock music, horror films, spooky spirituality—recall likeminded efforts from Liquid Death. (The demon-friendly canned water brand isn't into blessings, but curses flow just fine.)

"This is less about the direction you're taking it and more about doing something chill for Foo Fighters who are longtime Coors Light drinkers," a Coors rep said, when asked about the similarities.

Over at LD, co-founder and CEO Mike Cessario seems stoked. "We fully support this idea," he tells Muse. "If Dave Grohl is possessed by demons, we'd be willing to buy his soul in exchange for a Country Club membership," which unlocks special invites and branded swag.

How about offering LD merch painted with Grohl's blood? (C'mon Dave. If Tony Hawk can take it, so can you.)


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