Liquid Death Made Demon-Infused Water for a Hellish Halloween

Get $1 off for exorcisms!

Canned water brand Liquid Death keeps raising hell with its advertising.

Last Halloween, the brand hired a witch to place a curse on its product. More recent fiendish stunts include a riotous visit to Hades (to protect the environment!), a heavy-metal album with lyrics based on the brand's hate mail, and videos exploring forbidden quarantine fantasies (who's up for hardcore handshakes?).

Now, with a new All Hallows' Eve approaching, Liquid Death and creative agency Party Land hired another witch—Jatternack—to pull spirits and demons from their unearthly realm and trap the little devils in limited-edition cans:

Demon Infused Liquid Death

Beelzebub, Asmodeus! Devilishly refreshing!

After 2019's trick-or-treat triumph—the brand sold 1,000 "spells" for 99 cents a pop to undo that curse—"we wanted to push our supernatural innovation even further and actually put real demons into our cans," Liquid Death CEO Mike Cessario tells Muse.

The (dark?) magic of AR and Instagram lets users scan Liquid Death's logo and watch a virtual witch hover over their can.

Those preferring a less demonic thirst quencher can get a $1-off coupon for exorcisms at the brand's merchandise store.

"You can share it on social so your friends could use it should you become possessed and cannot control your own body to find someone to perform an exorcism," Cessario explains. He calls the whole "Demon Infused" concept "a way to poke fun at the often ridiculous over-innovations that brands, especially in beverage and CPG, are constantly putting marketing spin on, in an attempt to stay relevant and grab attention."

Such as, a sparkling-water brand extension hyped to the max? (Just kidding. Don't put a curse on me, dude!)


Agency: Party Land
Co-Founder/CCO: Matt Heath
Co-Founder/Manager: Haley Heath
Managing Director: Chris King
Senior Producer: Kari Salrin
Copywriter: Cailey Jacoby
Art Director: Christian Laniosz
Production Company: Watchmakers Entertainment
Director: Michael Smiy
Editor: Karli Cessario
Line Producer: Austin Sepulveda
Witch: Jatternack
Host: Dan Warner

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