Ryan Reynolds Blurs the Line Again With Adam Project/Kraft Mac & Cheese Ad

His co-star Walker Scobell gets an ad lesson

C'mon, kid. Time is money!

In a spot from Maximum Effort, 12-year-old actor Walker Scobell goes off script while ostensibly filming a commercial for Kraft Mac & Cheese. He says the stuff tastes like "my bathrobe and slippers had a baby on my tongue," and "like laying in a warm, wet bed—that you're not ashamed of."

Pretty accurate, actually. Still, he's a royal pain. So, Ryan Reynolds—who plays the grownup version of Scobell's character in the upcoming Netflix film The Adam Project—sets the smart-ass straight:

Like if cheese & rainbows had a baby | The Adam Project x KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese

Reynolds' affable smugness never wears thin, and he's funny here, as always—even slipping in a mention of Wrexham, the British soccer club he owns with Rob McElhenney. No stranger to elaborate, meta cross-promotions, the actor once managed to pack three brands (Samsung, Netflix and Aviation Gin) into a single spot.

According to Kraft, the ad "spotlights how the brand is continuing to push boundaries in the marketing space—not relying on the traditional advertising toolkit, and instead inserting itself into culture and connecting with consumers in new and impactful ways."

In that regard, Kraft scored with its Mac & Cheese breakfast outing, a Pumpkin Spice variation, and this semi-naughty Valentine's Day promo. Its "Send Noods" campaign for National Noodle Day in 2020 also made headlines, though it proved a tad too twisted for some.

UPDATE: And another brand gets the Reynolds treatment as he schools Scobell again, this time for Mint Mobile, in which Ryan holds a stake.

ResentMint | Mint Mobile

Creative Agency: Maximum Effort
Production Company: The Light
Netflix: Netflix Marketing Partnerships
Kraft: Kraft Mac & Cheese
Co-starring: Marissa Carpio

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