Kraft Mac & Cheese Rolls Out Breakfast Campaign Since Kids Are Now Eating It Whenever

It's '100 percent more breakfastier'

Get with the new normal, America: Kraft Mac & Cheese isn't just for lunch and dinner anymore!

During lockdowns, youngsters consumed the stuff at breakfast 56 percent more frequently than they had in previous months. (The company tracks these things!) That led Kraft Heinz and VaynerMedia to position the venerable brand as "100 percent more breakfastier" in this commercial …

Kraft Mac & Cheese For Breakfast

… and create a run of 500 Mac & Cheese "Breakfast Boxes" with special place-mats, topping suggestions and colorful mugs.

Through Aug. 7, you can enter to win one of the boxes at random on Twitter by using the #KMCforBreakfast and #Sweepstakes hashtags, or at this microsite. As part of the promotion, the brand will donate 10 boxes of its original Mac & Cheese to Feed the Children (up to 1 million total) for every user tweet tagged #KMCforBreakfast. What's more, boxes with sunny wake-up labels are heading to select stores next year.

"We saw that in the past four months, more and more parents are serving their kids Mac & Cheese for breakfast to make their mornings a little more stress-free," says brand manager Kelsey Cooperstein. "So we decided to take this insight and give parents and everyone who loves Kraft Mac & Cheese permission to enjoy one of their favorite foods in the morning."

It feels like a century ago when Kraft made its Valentine's Day promise that serving Mac & Cheese at dinner would help get the kids quickly off to bed so mom and dad could "get it on." Now, after all these weeks at home with the offspring, getting some shut-eye is probably reward enough for most folks.


Agency: VaynerMedia
Client: Kraft Mac & Cheese, Kraft Heinz
Campaign: Kraft Mac & Cheese For Breakfast

Kraft Heinz
Lynne Galia: Director of Corporate Affairs and Brand Comms - KHC
Ashley Tople: Marketing Director, KMC
Maya McDonald: Brand Activations Lead, KMC
Kelsey Coopersmith: Brand Manager, KMC
Emily Violett: Sr. Associate Brand Manager, KMC
Alyssa Cicero: Social Media Manager, KMC
Clare Schafer: Sr. Analyst, KMC
Executive Vice President: Nick Miaritis                                        
VP, Group Director: Ryan Martin
Senior Account Executive: Whitney Swain
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Lenois
Executive Creative Director: Mike Pierantozzi
Creative Director: Matt Herr
Creative Director: Vince Lim
Art Director: Jill Archibold  
Copywriter: Zach Schweikert
Director Of Project Management: Raquel Carrasquillo
Project Manager: Areta Gjicali
Chief Strategy Officer: Wanda Pogue
SVP Strategy: Jodi Coppernol
VP Integrated Strategy: Georgine Ramamurthy
Director of Brand Strategy: Rachel Thompson
Senior Strategist: Catherine Adams
Video Producer: Wheaton Simis
Agency Producer: Alex Lao                
Director of Business Affairs: Jaymie Lipman

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