Kraft Mac & Cheese Helps Parents Get Lucky This Valentine's Day

Get the kids to bed early, then 'get it on'

Kraft Heinz cheekily targets eager, sex-starved parents with this Valentine's Day pitch for its new Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Big Bowls.

Said bowls, we're told, take less than four minutes to prepare, speeding up family dinner time on Feb. 14, so Mom and Dad can send the kids off dreamland and concentrate on … other stuff.

"Get them fed, get 'em to bed and … get it on."

That's mom's mantra, delivered with a goofy grin and rude 'tude as she powers on the microwave and lets her inhibitions run wild in the spot below:

Kraft Mac Is For Lovers

Yeah, nothing beats some marital nookie after Junior finishes a brimming bowl of Mac & Cheese. (Time to make a sibling!) Why not just say Mom and Dad have to … paint the bedroom for 15 minutes, or something? Kraft and creative shop Leo Burnett have gone all-in on deceiving kids before, after all.

"The team wanted to help out parents on the most romantic day of the year, when the pressure and expectations to 'get it on' seems to be the highest," says Ashley Tople, head of brand build, sauces and meals at Kraft.

By the way … stop saying "get it on"! A little decorum, you're from Kraft.

"In fact, 86 percent of parents want to get it on this Valentine's Day," says Tople, "but claim children will prevent 1 out of 4 from actually doing so."

Oh well, if there's data driving this thing, say whatever you want.

"We decided to do an early launch of our new Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Big Bowl product that hasn't launched in stores yet," Tople says, because the product's quick prep time—"only 3.5 minutes!"—should "help get kids fed and to bed quickly" on Feb. 14. 

Parents can visit this website for a chance to win one some product ahead of Valentine's Day, along with candles, rose petals and a card. Earned and paid media support include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social influencers.

"The team had such a great time on set bringing this parent pain point to life," Topel recalls. "There were people exchanging stories about their kids, or stories they've heard about how tricky a little 'mommy-daddy time' can be. When the owner of the location arrived back home, she said she was curious why the bedroom was needed for a Kraft shoot—and then said she loved that Kraft went there, because that's real."


Tessa Films:
Sam Macon: Director
Marsie Wallach: Producer
Lisa Masseur: EP at Tessa Films
Cindy Mellin: Food Stylist

Leo Burnett:
Mikal Pittman- Executive Creative Director
Michael Shirley – SVP, Creative Director
Dina Facklis – ACD Copywriter
Daniel Jaramillo – Senior Art Director
Javier Valle – Senior Copywriter
Amy Manning - Producer
Kevin Lilly – EVP Director, Strategy
Efrain Bahena – Senior Strategist
Megan Collins – Account Director
Arika Jeter – Senior Account Executive

Ashley Tople, Head of Brand Build, Sauces and Meals
Kelsey Cooperstein, Brand Manager, Kraft Meals & Sauces

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