Ryan Reynolds and Aviation Gin Mix a 'Deadpool Vasectomy' for Father's Day

Of course there are movie-themed bottles

Wolverine's razor claws skewering Deadpool's crotch.

You know you want to see it and, by all that's holy, you will ... thanks to Ryan Reynold's latest Aviation Gin commercial.

In his latest Father's Day "Vasectomy Cocktail" extravaganza, RR stirs in footage from Marvel's upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine, which opens in July.

We watch scenes of Ryan as Deadpool battling Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in the woods. Meanwhile, Reynolds makes with the funny and demonstrates how to prep the libation.

Aviation Gin | The Vasectomy, Deadpool Edition

"Pairs perfectly with two dads over 40, pretending they're not too arthritic to pull off a superhero movie," Ryan quips.

So self-aware! So cross-promotional! Deadpool-themed Aviation bottles retail for $25!

This year's outing doesn't quite match past vasectomy spots with Jesse James Decker and Nick Cannon.

Still, who doesn't enjoy a perforated groin? Low-hanging humor ... the sweetest kind!

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