Netflix Wants You Off Your Couch and Inside a 'Netflix House' at the Local Mall

The streamer will market its shows and movies through new experiential hubs

"Netflix House" sounds like the name of the streamer's latest reality show. But it's actually a place. Well, it's going to be a place. And it's coming to a mall near you.

Next year, Netflix will transform two empty department stores—one at King of Prussia in Pennsylvania and another at Galleria Dallas—into massive experiential entertainment venues dubbed Netflix Houses, with more locations to follow.

These are not pop-up events, which Netflix has done plenty of over the years (one of the best being the recent Bridgerton balls, where fans dressed up as their favorite characters from the Shonda Rhimes period drama and partied like it was 1813).

Each Netflix House is here to stay—a permanent marketing hub intended to "bring our beloved stories to life in new, ever-changing and unexpected ways," according to a statement from Netflix chief marketing officer Marian Lee.

"At Netflix House, you can enjoy regularly updated immersive experiences, indulge in retail therapy, and get a taste—literally—of your favorite Netflix series and films through unique food and drink offerings," she says.

Basically indoor theme parks, each installation will offer fun, immersive activities for fans. These include chances to compete in the infamous Glass Bridge challenge from the dystopian Korean drama Squid Game, and waltz through a replica of a posh set from Bridgerton.

On-site eateries will provide meals and nibbles inspired by Netflix shows, and fans will be able to stock up on merch from their favorite shows.

It's a major investment, but Netflix House sounds like a win for everyone. While each venue provides Netflix with a long-term, year-round way to connect with subscribers, it gives fans, who are craving in-person experience and connection, the chance to do some really fun things. (As much as it scares me, I am dying to try the Glass Bridge challenge.)

Latching onto the experiential economy could also be a boon for malls across the country as big department stores struggle.

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