Liquid Death x Ozzy Osbourne: Maniacal Match Made in Hell

Canned water brand dusts off the classic rocker

Some things Ozzy Osbourne says you should absolutely never do with Liquid Death's electrolyte drink mix:

  • Snort it
  • Freebase it
  • Inject it
  • Boof it

Just mix Death Dust with water to stay hydrated, OK?

Ozzy leans out of an SUV window, brandishes a skull-tipped walking stick and defines "boofing" for two teens in an LD spot breaking today. Awesome!

Liquid Death | Ozzy Osbourne

Wonder if he partied much back in the day? He sure could use some hydration in 2024.

Looks like the whole budget went for the High Flyer's salary. But that's part of the charm. The man himself is so genuine, and the premise so middle-school naughty, it's impossible not to crack a smile.

"Ozzy is a huge fan of the brand," says Liquid Death VP of creative Andy Pearson. "We've wanted to do something with him for years. And we recently began sponsoring The Osbournes podcast."

When the brand introduced Death Dust some months back, "We included a line telling people not to snort it," Pearson says. "And the response on social was immediate and hilarious."

"So for our second round of work, we figured: Why not go to one of the foremost experts when it comes to putting all kinds of stuff in their body."

Keith Richards is like: "I could've played that!"

Of course, Liquid Death loves to skirt societal taboos. 

Consider its recent ad with The Deep from Amazon Prime series The Boys smoking in a classroom filled with kids. Youngsters also featured in a cheeky regional Super Bowl spot from 2021, downing LD tallboys (pure mountain water!) as if they were chugging beer.

As the wink-wink bad-boy brand du jour, Liquid Death can get away with shit others wouldn't dare try. Except boofing Death Dust. Just say no!

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