Adult Film Pros Help Liquid Death Deliver Eco Message

'Don't f*** the planet,' says Cherie DeVille

Forget the money shot. Zoom in for a product shot instead!

Adult film legend Cherie DeVille—aka, "The Internet's Stepmom"—stars in a SFW eco-appeal from canned-water brand Liquid Death. She warns viewers about the dangers of single-use plastic pollution and coins the catchphrase, "Don't f*** the planet."

Also, her stepson's ready on the set of her new film for some reason...

Liquid Death: Don’t F*** The Planet with Cherie DeVille

Ready for what? What could he possibly ... oh, riiiight.

"Instead of guilting or mindlessly preaching to people, we make health and sustainability fun and irreverent," says brand co-founder and CEO Mike Cessario. "We wanted to highlight the breadth of an issue by bringing in spokespeople you wouldn't typically associate with an eco-related message. The real taboo here should be single-use plastics."

He adds: "The stats for adult entertainment sites really speak for themselves—22 percent of the world's population goes to one of five porn sites every month. That's 17 Super Bowls every month." (A high rate of ... audience penetration, wouldn't you say?)

On the new spot, porn stalwarts Joanna Angel and Mike Quasar served as director and DOP, respectively.

Angel says the experience "let me showcase my experience and make sure we created an authentic campaign. When we got started, I reached out to my incredibly talented production team—a crew of adult industry veterans who have worked with me for several years and in the industry for decades—to shoot 'Don't F*** The Planet.' We all had a blast! Liquid Death gave some of us our first shot at creating something outside of porn, while still celebrating our work and backgrounds."

The video will run across organic and paid social plus connected TV platforms.

Porn stars have delivered environmental messages before. In this Pornhub campaign from 2019, popular amateur couple LeoLulu filmed "The Dirtiest Porn Ever"—to draw attention to the problem of befouled beaches.

Past Liquid Death sustainability nods include this kinda-cuddly line of mutilated plush toys, and an equally dark-humored take on cleaning the seas with a tie-in to Amazon's The Boys. The brand spoofed porn at the height of Covid lockdowns with tame takes on quarantine fantasies.


Co-Founder/CEO: Mike Cessario
VP of Creative: Andy Pearson
VP of Marketing: Greg Fass
Executive Producers: Joanna Angel, Johnny Eastlund
Director of Visual Propaganda: Alex Lang
Senior Brand Campaign Manager: Tia Sherwood
Director: Joanna Angel
Director of Photography: Mike Quasar

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