'Alexa, What Is Love?' Amazon and the Ad Council Ponder Answers

Inclusive definitions for Valentine's Day

"Alexa, what is love?"

It's many things, of course, ranging from "Being there for someone without judgement," to "Opening your doors to others without expecting anything in return" and "Supporting people in pursuing their dreams, no matter their abilities."

Starting today, devices running Amazon's virtual assistant will offer such responses, and more—generated at random when asked to define love—as part of an initiative developed with the Ad Council.

This short from acclaimed documentarian Rodney Lucas features some of the diverse folks who voiced the replies:

Alexa, What Is Love? | Love Has No Labels

"Our hope is that when audiences ask about love, they will hear voices that inspire them to take action in their communities," says Ad Council president and CEO Lisa Sherman.

Timed to Valentine's Day, the work marks a new chapter in the organization's Emmy-winning "Love Has No Labels" campaign.

"This collaboration is right in line with the goal of 'Love Has No Labels'—to flood culture with messages of unbiased love across race, age, gender identity, religion, ability and sexual orientation," Sherman says.

Amazon will tout "Alexa, What Is Love?" across TV, digital and social media. The company also hosts this website, which tells the stories of software developer Cheer, photographer Christopher, tour guide/anti-bullying advocate Jim, student organizer Shujaa and other campaign contributors.

They believe that love is...

  • "Showing patience and understanding when someone is learning a new language."
  • "When someone acknowledges how I identify."
  • "When we craft safe spaces for Black women."
  • "When true allies protect my voice."
  • "Looking out for each other."

That last one pretty much says it all for this culturally attuned foray that leverages technology in a novel, uplifting and relatable way.

Alexa has mulled love and relationships before. Last week, she provided the romantic soundtrack for this sweet ad touching on issues of aging and memory. And in 2019, Alexa "married" Siri, her technological counterpart at Apple.


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