Samsung Galaxy Watch App Uses AI to Fight Speech Disorders

Rolls out after nine months of testing

Samsung just launched an app last week in Spain and Portugal that uses AI to turn words into a series of rhythmic vibrations. This helps improve the speech of those with a stutters and similar impediments.

Cheil Spain worked for nine months with medical experts and foundations to develop the process, which is explained in the case study below.

Samsung Impulse

"A team of developers worked from scratch to generate the codes of the AI algorithm to create impulse and the different modes of speech practice," says Alejandro Di Trolio, European creative chairman of Cheil. "We analyzed participant's reaction and their improvements with the app. The voice over of the hero video is a real patient of one of the doctors that tested impulse with him."

The app was tested with 200 patients in Spain, Portugal, the U.S. and Ghana.

"This project belongs to the technology with purpose initiative that has been trying to break barriers through technology for more than 10 years," adds a spokesperson for Samsung. "This year we have opted for artificial intelligence to create this solution that helps to once again improve the lives of people with speech problems. Like all our projects, we have relied on experts from many countries and specialties to find an effective and open solution for everyone."

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