Alexa and Siri Got Married in Vienna Ahead of the EuroPride Festival

Voice assistants aren't rivals after all

They said, "A.I. do."

So, Siri and Alexa got married. Who even knew they were dating? 

What, you weren't invited to the nuptials, staged to celebrate the EuroPride Festival in Vienna from June 1-16? 

Well, the city's tourism board and Vangardist magazine joined with creative shops Serviceplan and Plan.Net for the grand ceremony at Vienna's Belvedere Castle. Local LGBTQ+ celebrities Pandora Nox and Laksmi Wuggenig were in attendance. 

Luckily the brides are waterproof, because there wasn't a dry eye in the house. 

The Wedding of Siri & Alexa – The first A.I. marriage

"Vienna is a cosmopolitan kaleidoscope—a modern world city, where different lifestyles, diversity and respect are actively lived and where our many differences are perceived as our greatest strength," says tourism chief Norbert Kettner. "EuroPride, with its multifaceted program, is the perfect occasion to celebrate and explore a city that has emerged from being a hidden gem to becoming a hot spot for the LGBT community." 

With this kind of work, nailing the tone is essential. Here, it's right on target—goofy in a good way, with the virtual assistants providing a moving, memorable spin. 

"It was fascinating to see how emotionally the wedding guests reacted to the marriage vows between Siri and Alexa," says Serviceplan creative director Alexander Nagel. "We were able to use technology in a skillful way to set an example for more humanity and equality."

Folks can go here to explore the Alexa-Siri love affair in depth and learn about their "first tender connection" (hint: sparks flew!). 

To power the union, Plan.Net's Innovation Studio devised "The Pride Skill" for Alexa. Available in the Amazon Skill Store, it contains information about EuroPride and a special trigger that lets users restage the Siri-Alexa wedding in the comfort of their own (smart) homes. 

Dearly beloved, doesn't that sound like fun!

As for Cortana's prospects, well, Watson, Bixby and Viv are still available.


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