Ikea's 'ScrapsBook' Helps You Cut Down on Kitchen Waste

More palatable sustainability for all

Ikea Canada puts sustainability on the front burner with a free cookbook that contains 50 recipes using kitchen scraps as ingredients.

Developed with top chefs including Adrian Forte, Craig Wong and Trevor Bird, the "Ikea ScrapsBook" explains how to blend corn husks into a chicken polenta dinner and flavor moist, chocolaty cakes with banana peels.

Bruised apple cores, fruit rinds, old beans, carrot ends and overripe veggies—all safe to eat, like 63 percent of our daily food detritus—feature in other tasty dishes, as you'll see in this project video:

The Ikea ScrapsBook

The "ScrapsBook" concept began simmering a few months back during shoots for Ikea's kitchen ballet commercial, in which a pirouetting couple used leftovers to create a great meal.

"We wanted to find a way to take that message of sustainability and turn it into something that was easily accessible, and that people could use in their own homes," says Joel Holtby, partner and creative director at Rethink, which helped craft both the ballet ad and "ScrapsBook."

"Everyone is cooking at home more throughout the pandemic, but household food waste is a serious problem," Holtby says. "There's so much we throw away without even thinking about it, and even though many people are aware there's a problem, they don't necessarily know how to begin solving it. A lot of food waste comes down to people not realizing that they can actually make something delicious from that ugly carrot top or banana peel."

Available primarily as a free, copiously illustrated download, the 214-page "ScrapsBook" also exists IRL, with Ikea offering 300 sustainably produced copies to members of its loyalty program.

"Like any well-loved cookbook it's something we hope people will turn to time and time again for inspiration," says Johanna Andrén, marketing lead at Ikea Canada. "By each of us taking small steps, together we can make a big impact in our homes, communities and our planet."

Ikea will support the project with a series of cooking tutorials on Instagram Live, hosted by contributing chefs. (Or, if you're feeling wasted from pandemic kitchen fatigue, you can just order out. There's a "Don't Cookbook" from PostMates for that.)

In addition to "ScrapsBook," Ikea has whipped up several innovative initiatives of late, including a Snapchat-based augmented reality "Escape Room" gaming experience to showcase and sell furniture designed to bust clutter. "With so many Americans stuck at home during the pandemic, the need for organization has never been greater," explains Della Mathew, executive creative director at Ogilvy New York, which helped develop that campaign.

And with podcasts of all sorts exploding in popularity, Ikea and Ogilvy just turned the retailer's 2021 catalog into a four-hour audio extravaganza:

The IKEA Audio Catalog Prologue

"A few years ago, Ikea started talking about reducing catalog use for sustainability reasons and ways to shift how that money was spent," Matthew tells MediaPost. "And with the pandemic, they are burning through their podcasts. So, we thought this would be a tongue-in-cheek, personalized way to see Ikea. You can close your eyes and imagine the room [voiceover artist Jasmin Richardson] describes."


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