DoorDash Delivers a Delightful Story in 3 Acts

A trio of perspectives from Hard Work Club

It's easy to order from DoorDash but so much that occurs behind the scenes. Now, Hard Work Club tells one delivery tale from three perspectives in a whimsical campaign for DoorDash Canada.

The three-act campaign, directed by Henry Scholfield, begins with a birthday cake ruined by bad aim from a slingshot. An order placed through DoorDash gets the narrative ball rolling:

DoorDash | Act 1: The Party

Act two shows a team of bakers working in synch to create tasty treats, like a fresh birthday cake, for DoorDash to deliver:

DoorDash | Act 2: The Order

The final act follows the Dasher as he picks up the cake and saves the party:

DoorDash | Act 3: The Dash

"We knew early on that we wanted to show one story from three different perspectives," says Meghan Kraemer, co-founder and ECD of Hard Work Club. "The category norm is to show only the customer, as if the food arrived by magic. We saw a fresh opportunity to hero each person impacted by a single order—from the customer to the merchant to the Dasher."

Each routine is set to updates of Sam & Dave's '60s song "Hold On, I'm Coming," mixed by SNDWRx in Toronto. The first two ads are currently running, with the third ad debuting during the NBA All-Star Game in February.

"Our production designer, Jay Pooley, and his team of builders stayed close at hand, making adjustments as needed and even fixing a broken wheel on a giant set piece midway through the shoot," Kraemer tells Muse. "This campaign really is a 50/50 split between CGI magic and practical muscle."


Campaign: One Delivery in Three Acts
"Act 1: The Party"
"Act 2: The Order"
"Act 3: The Dash"

Client: DoorDash Canada
Head of Brand & Creative, Canada: Heather Cameron
Senior Manager, Consumer Brand Marketing: Delly Dyer
Senior Manager, Dasher Brand Marketing: Sarah Jue
Senior Manager, Merchant Brand Marketing: Martine English
Graphic Designer: Dustin Cordeiro

Agency: Hard Work Club
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director: Meghan Kraemer
Head of Integrated Production: Monika Ghobrial
Director of Client Success: Emma Pratt
Director, Project Management: Cecilia Hui
Strategist: Sarah Phillips
Senior Designer: Priya Mistry
Senior Designer: Dameon Neath

Production Company: Spy Films
Director: Henry Scholfield
Executive Producer: Marcus Trulli
Director of Photography: Xiaolong Liu
UK Line Producer: Ash Lockmun
1st Assistant Director: Oleksii Smoliar
Production Designer: Jay Pooley
Choreographers: Keone and Mari Madrid
Line Producer: Chris Boddy
Producer: Aasttha Khajuria

Editing House: School Editing
Editor: Izzy Ehrlich
Assistant Editor: Zhenya Dolzikov
Executive Producer: Yumi Suyama

Colour & VFX: Feather
Colourist: Tricia Hagoriles
Online Artist: Julian van Mil
Compositors: Diego Dutra, Sergej Liamin, Mike Morley
Head of VFX: Colin Cunningham
Studio Manager: Evan Spicer
CG: Karol Kisiel
Motion Graphics: Justin Wotherspoon
Online Assistant: Huan Le Vu Cong
Executive Producers: Sara Windrim & Emily Goldberg
VFX Set Supervision: Colin Cunningham, Dequiera Atherton

Music & Sound: SNDWRX
Song Production: Didier Tovel
Sound Design: Didier Tovel, Alex Gluch, Colin Brown, Michael Henley
Mix: Alex Gluch, Colin Brown
English Voice Over: Brita Badour
French Voice Over: Melanie Paiment

Act 1:
Strings: Brendan Rogers
Vocals: Londa Larmond, Jennifer Lewin

Act 2:
Vocals: Jennifer Lewin, Londa Larmond

Act 3:
Vocals: Michael Henley
Music Licensing and Supervision: Creative License

Media: Wavemaker
Managing Director, Client Leadership: Sandra Cardoso
Director, Media: Laura DeGrace
Associate Director, Media: Anthony Visconti
Senior Media Planner: Emma Lasagna
Media Planner: Anastasiia Nikolaeva
Assistant Media Planner: Kerina McMorris

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