You Will Be Chased for Your McDonald's Burger in France

Run like you stole it—and before someone steals yours

McDonald's recently revamped its burger making process, adding more melted cheese, steaks cooked with onions, warmer breads and more sauce on the Big Mac. These juicier, presumably tastier meals are a hot commodity— so much so that strangers will chase you down for McD's burgers in France.

Everyday people become modern-day Hamburglars in "Chase," a :70 from TBWA\Paris and ace director Tom Kuntz.

The tale begins with a robbery and a police officer enjoying some lunch. Various over-the-top chases soon follow, involving cops, robbers, a patient rehabbing a broken leg, doctors, students, retirees and more.

It's a fun combo of tension and slapstick—and watch out for the cop pretending he's a mannequin!

McDonald's France | Chase

"McDonald's burgers are now better than ever thanks to several innovations, but the soul of the iconic recipes will remain the same," says Faustin Claverie, ECD at TBWA\Paris. "On the other hand, making ads about many little changes and improvements could get over complicated. We just decided to make it simple and say to our French fans that they are going to love even more the burgers they already love."


Client: Jean Guillaume Bertola, Vanessa Sales, Clémentine Tesseidre Dalou, Manon Roudier
Agency: Christophe Neyret, Margaux Wanin, Julia Montagu, Margot Pécourt
Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal and Faustin Claverie
Artistic Directors:  Léna Monceau et Julia Deshayes
Head of strategic planning: Céline Mazza
Head of TV and CEO Else\: Maxime Boiron
Creative Producer : Benoit Duchemin
Film Production:  Henry
Director : Tom Kuntz
Post Production: \Else
Post Producer: Elise Gamboa
Production Son: \Else
Head of music and sound: Olivier Lefebvre
Music AD: Thomas Jacquet
Sound Director: Fabrice Pouvreau

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