Apple Used 40+ iPhones to Chronicle Usher's Halftime Show

It's even more epic than you remembered

Usher's Super Bowl extravaganza just went into overtime.

Apple and TBWA\Media Art Lab created a 10-minute "Shot on iPhone" documentary that chronicles the singer's halftime performance from its prep stages through the rollicking finale.

Director Mike Carson deployed more than 40 iPhone 15 Max and Max Pro handsets to film highlights of the live gig plus rehearsals and backstage footage.

And no doubt more than a few of the 61,000+ fans at Allegiant Stadium held their phones high as Usher, Alicia Keys, and Lil Jon did their thing at the show, which Apple Music sponsored.

In our tech-obsessed age, this feels fitting. Life's a panoramic digital canvas, 24/7/365.

It's a quick-paced peek at a cultural happening. There's nothing too deep, no huge revelations. But it's compelling to watch the hard work and repetition behind all the glam. Everyone sweats and frets, as you'd expect. Throughout, the cast and crew's dedication to excellence shines as they strive to meld R&B, hip-hop, modern pop and Hollywood musical stylings into 20-minutes of knockout entertainment.

"Shot on iPhone" boasts a history of impressive long- and short-form productions. Most recently, the tech titan won raves for this 15-minute Chinese New Year fantasy about a sad schoolgirl who learns to believe in herself.

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