Dave Grohl Thanks Canada on Super Bowl Sunday

Anomaly puts Crown Royal in the game

Canada's given us all so very much through the years. The least we can do to show our appreciation is take $7 million from our Northern Neighbors in exchange for a Super Bowl ad.

On Sunday, Crown Royal will air a 3rd-quarter :30, with Dave Grohl listing dozens of Canadian contributions to daily life and popular culture.

Kicking back in a recording studio, the Foo Fighters frontman praises music acts like Rush, Joni Mitchell, Oscar Peterson and Celine Dion, plus comedians Eugene Levy, Martin Short and more.

He also extolls peanut butter, the paint roller, batteries, egg cartons, the ironing board, electric wheelchairs, hockey (natch), basketball and ... American-style football?

That came from Canada?

"Look it up," Dave tells viewers.

We did. It's true! Thanks for setting us straight.

Crown Royal whisky originated in Winnipeg. So the spot's bang on brand. (Grohl's not Canadian. But there's still time.)

Classic hitmakers and nostalgic tracks are all over the Big Game this year. Examples abound in entries from Kia, Workday and Uber One, to name just a few.

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