Diddy Seeks the Perfect Ditty for Uber One in Fun Super Bowl Spot

Just don't call it a jingle

"What does the fox say? U-U-U-U-Uber One!"

Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis tweak their 2013 novelty smash for Diddy in a likable Super Bowl commercial unveiled today. Mr. Combs plays to type as a busy music mogul with an important project at hand: creating a theme song for the Uber One membership program. Don't call it a jingle. Diddy hates that.

For inspiration, the multiplatinum producer and recording artist turns to various acts known for catchy tracks, and they promptly spoof their hits.

The Ylvis dudes don their trademark furry costumes, like some weird-ass Big Game mascots who yip and yap out of tune. Alas, their effort fails to impress Diddy, whose self-aware chill nearly frosts the screen in a spot from agency Special U.S.

Also on the mic: Montell Jordan ("This is How We Do It"), Kelis ("Milkshake"), Donna Lewis ("I Love You Always Forever") and Haddaway ("What is Love").

The latter's effort—"Uber One saves me, it saves me, way more"—ultimately wins the day. It's like the 1993 earworm was meant to hype Uber's delivery service all along.

"While millions of people across the world reap the benefits of Uber One each day, we realized that we still had some work to do to get the word out about our membership program," the brand explains in a blog post. "So, we tapped into the ultimate memory hack and the one thing that really sticks in everyone's minds: music. If we could come up with one hit song for Uber One, it would all click."

Indeed, the commercial clicks from frame one, and Haddaway's brandtastic take on "What Is Love" slams just like the original.

"Chances are you’re singing it in your head right now," Uber says. "A catchy song that reminds us of an easy way to save money is one worth remembering." 

The ad will run during the 2nd quarter on Sunday. As part of the push, the brand is offering a deal with three months of Uber One for free.

For another take on pop-music nostalgia that skews somewhat older—with rockers from the '70s and '80s—check out Workday's Super Bowl spot.


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