Rock Stars and Workday Set the Record Straight

Sorry, corporate types, you're not one of them

Ozzy Osbourne and Paul Stanley are rock stars. Ditto Joan Jett, Billy Idol and Gary Clark Jr. John from marketing and Jane from IT, well, not so much.

So, corporate types, stop calling each other "rock stars" in the halls of business already!

Classic rockers deliver that message for HR software firm Workday in a Super Bowl :30 developed by Ogilvy and director Jim Jenkins:

The work makes its point succinctly, offering potent nostalgia while skewering the vernacular of the current generation.

"This ad reflects the evolution of our brand over the past 17 years to where we are today, and supports the next stage of our growth," says Workday CMO Pete Schlampp. "With more than 60 million people using our products, we are a household name. We see being part of the Big Game as an immense opportunity to show up for and entertain new and diverse audiences."

Well said, but Pete's no rock star. Neither is Ogilvy California CCO Lisa Bright, who adds:"When we first got the brief we knew we needed to show up and show up big for this one. We love the fresh, smart concept, and Jim Jenkins brought that extra level of flair and visuals to stand out on Feb. 12."

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