Neil Patrick Harris Sings for Golden Nugget Online Casino

A shiny performance indeed

What's that, Neil Patrick Harris? You wanna sing about DraftKings' Golden Nugget Online Casino in a funny fishing scenario? Well then, hit it!

"He's fishing for some tuna, 
Playing Live Dealer while he waits
He hasn't had a nibble,
But he caught a pair of eights.
It's like he's sitting at the tables, 
While he's on the high seas.
Golden Nugget Online Casino, 
Can we get some face cards please?"

DraftKings Golden Nugget | Fishing

There's another spot, too? Set in a pet grooming salon? OK ... a one, and a two, and...

"You're waiting for your doggie, 
Playing slots, blackjack and more.
How 'bout a Jackpot baby?!
It's all the fun of the casino floor.
Golden Nugget Online Casino, 
Always a crowd pleaser.
So live it up while you wait, 
For that golden retriever!"

DraftKings Golden Nugget | Groomer

Yeah, gambling's everywhere these days. Anytime anyone wants it. For better or worse, that's exactly where we are.

"It was important that the creative was authentic to the brand's look and feel, while adding an extra layer of entertainment that we believe will resonate with our customers," DraftKings VP, marketing Veronica Hamel tells Muse. "The spots play up to the tagline, 'Make Any Moment Golden,' which celebrates our players turning their everyday downtime such as fishing or going to the dog groomers into a golden experience."

Why was casting Broadway and How I Met Your Mother icon NPH a smart bet?

"We had our sights set on working with someone who would bring energy, fun and entertainment, as well as resonate with our players," Hamel says. "Neil Patrick Harris rose to the top on both accounts."

"He has a great presence both on screen and on stage. He was terrific throughout the process. From our first meeting you could tell he was invested in the project and he delivered on a great performance."

Seems like he'd be a fun dude to film with. True?

"The environment on set was great—there certainly were a lot of laughs, especially during the dog groomer spot," she says.

"Neil had great chemistry—and patience!—with the dogs. We learned that Neil himself has a golden retriever. And between takes, he took a selfie with the commercial's sweet golden retriever, George, to send to his partner and kids."

Aw, Neil came up aces.

Helmed by Caviar director Jason Woliner (who helmed Borat Subsequent Moviefilm), the work breaks today across TV and online platforms.

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