The DJs of TikTok: Turning Popular Sounds Into Viral Remixes

Resonating with zillennial audiences

TikTok is known for its myriad trends and subcultures. Many of these involve music. Recently, a trend has emerged where DJs are taking funny, popular TikTok sounds and remixing them into their live sets.

This phenomenon isn't just about riding the wave of social media—it's a calculated move that resonates deeply with zillennial audiences.

Here's my POV on why DJs are increasingly incorporating these viral sounds into their performances.

Shared Experiences and Cultural References

TikTok has become a massive cultural hub, where memes spread like wildfire, creating a shared experience among users. When DJs remix these familiar sounds, they tap into a collective reference that immediately connects with the audience, giving them the urge to sing along, dance or even create their own TikTok videos right there at the venue.

Imagine being at a live set and suddenly hearing the iconic "I'm looking for a man in finance" sound. The crowd instantly recognizes it, producing a moment where worlds collide. This generates unity and excitement, making the performance memorable.

@norellb Help her find her man!!! @Girl On Couch @LOUD LUXURY #finance #brooklynmirage #foryou #foryoupage #dj #newyork #loudluxury #fypage #remix #summer2024 #edm #nobu #johnsummit #looking ♬ original sound - Norell Catherine
Opportunity for Participation

TikTok encourages users to participate by creating their own videos using popular sounds. So, DJs who post their remixes to the platform make just as many waves as they do with live performances.

Examples include Malibu Babie's remix of the "man in finance" song and Tima Page's mix of it with G6. Some creators take it further and do mashups with multiple popular TikTok sounds. For instance, DJ L BEATS' "I'm looking for a man in finance" x Cher's iconic "I am rich man" quote.

@dj.lbeats Replying to @Theresa ugh I love these #maninfinance #cher #iamarichman #maneater #mashup #dj ♬ Man in Finance x I am a rich man by L BEATS - DJ L BEATS
Leaning into Gen Z's Absurd Humor

Gen Z is known for its unique brand of humor—one that often leans towards the absurd and chaotic. TikTok is a treasure trove of such comedy, with sounds and memes that are quirky, unexpected and sometimes downright bizarre.

DJs who remix these sounds are tapping into chaotic energy, creating an atmosphere that feels spontaneous, fun and made for social. This kind of humor is part of what makes their performances super-shareable.

For example, with TikTokers obsessing over the "Pookie is looking amazing tonight" videos, LOUD LUXURY took one of Pookie's most popular clips and seamlessly integrated the sound into a beat drop. This absurd energy is what has people saying, "I'd pay however much money to see this live."

@loudluxury OUR RETURN TO BROOKLYN MIRAGE IS ON SALE NOW 🤠 not sure if we’ll play this tho… #pookie #jet #remix ♬ original sound - LOUD LUXURY

The trend of DJs remixing popular TikTok sounds into their sets is a fun and sometimes frantic intersection of culture and music. By doing so, DJs create performances that are not only entertaining but also deeply engaging.

So next time you're at a live set and hear a familiar TikTok sound, get ready to join. It's all part of the show!

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