Megan Thee Stallion Is a Gamer, Daredevil and So Much More for Amazon Prime Day

'It's Priiiiiiiime Day' July 16-17

Megan Thee Stallion has big plans for Amazon Prime Day, July 16-17. With so many deals, she imagines dropping the Stallion and replacing it with a handful of different Megans, like cosplayer ( a nod to her convention appearances in costume), gamer, lifeguard and chef (yes!).

Created in-house by Amazon, the 2-minute film below features an original song.

"It's Priiiiiiiime Day" is catchy, inspired by Megan's actual interests and will be included as a bonus track on MEGAN, her album dropping June 28.

Directed by Dave Meyers and Mia Barnes from Radical Media, the music vid begins with Megan Thee Cosplayer, Stylist and Unboxer.

Amazon | It's Prime Day ft. Megan Thee Stallion

"With just one click you can have anything, the only downside is that it don't come with me," she proclaims.

Picks include early deals on items from Megan's Hot Girl Summer Tour merch, like shorts and beachwear.

"I can change my hobby how I change my man. I could send a gift saying 'we should just be friends,'" says Megan Thee Chef.

And look out for the Amazon boxes that are... cake!

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