Boy Band? Dad Band? This Group Hyping AAA Insurance Is Both!

Boys No More delivers your summer brand jam on 'Make It Right'

It's been a tuneful week of brand-boosting nostalgia here on Muse. Hip-hop stars repping various generations remixed the classic track "Rapper's Delight" for Sprite. Lisa Loeb remade her '90s fave "Stay" as a Goldfish anthem. Snoop revived a classic track for Jack in the Box. (On a non-musical note, both Burger King and McDonald's strolled down memory lane, too.)

And now, you're doubtless asking ... What about the boy bands?!

Oh, they're here, thanks to CSAA's AAA Insurance, which dropped a spot from Deloitte Digital featuring four aging yet agile crooners who broke tons of hearts and sold millions of records back in the day.

We're talking about Joey Fatone from NSYNC, Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, Joey McIntyre from New Kids On The Block, and Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men.

They've bonded as Boys No More and recorded a tack called "Make It Right," the centerpiece of a new campaign.

Can this quartet still sing the high parts? Some of them, yes. As for busting moves, well, let's just say they put their best feet forward.

But when it comes to hyping auto coverage, they always find the groove:

That's the sure-fire song of summer 2023! Or not. It's catchy, though, and a smooth soft sell for what's basically a souped-up jingle.

Heavy Duty Projects developed the words and music, with Calmatic—who lensed Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road"—directing.

The group's on TikTok. That makes them dope for young fans, right? (Dope still means good, right?)

"Boys No More is the perfect complement to last year's successful 'Rick Roll' campaign with Rick Astley," says Linda Goldstein, chief customer experience and marketing officer at CSAA. "We share our customers' love of nostalgia, and this is a fantastic opportunity to surprise and delight them with an original hit song while reminding them AAA Insurance will always be there during their time of need."

In addition to rolling with Rick, CSAA's previous merry melodies include reimagined tracks from the '80s.

Lachey's worked from a similar songbook before, sending up his solid-gold past in this Netflix push from 2022 touting the streamer's dating shows.

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