When Snoop Dogg Gets the Midnight Munchies, Jack Box Rides to the Rescue

Who even needs Ryan Reynolds?

Jack Box feat. Snoop Dogg. This jam had to happen!

Everyone's fave rapper/marketing maestro gets the late-night munchies. Can't imagine why. Anyhoo, Jack in the Box and its freaky mascot are on hand with a new menu, including "Snoop's Munchie Meal."

Fresh off his Mint Mobile collab with Ryan Reynolds, Jack hangs with Snoop in fresh spots from TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A. These check all the righteous boxes. We get the artist's trademark drawl, rap-culture humor, an aura of getting nicely toasted (like bread?), plus some Easter eggs.

At one point, SD dons Box's big plastic head. That's worth the price of admission!

It's a campaign made to order, with all the stuff fans crave. Except maybe Dogg bestie Martha Stewart. (Though it's probably best to keep her far away from kitchen prep these days).

"Snoop's no stranger to late-night food cravings," Jeff O'Keefe, TBWA\C\D creative director, tells Muse. "But that's not the only reason he made sense as a partner here. He's an iconic personality, with a sense of integrity and a sense of humor. He's totally comfortable in his own skin and naturally associated with late night and hanging out."

Put another way: "Everything about him matches well with the way the brand behaves. He also has an authentic connection to Jack in the Box, having grown up with it as a kid."

Turns out Martha may have good reason to be jealous.

"In between shots, Snoop and Jack just kept talking in this laid-back way," O'Keefe recalls. "We kept the camera rolling and got some great footage of them goofing around, reminiscing, digging on each other, etc. They were like a couple of A-listers making a movie. It wasn't Snoop and an actor but Snoop and Jack."

As for the soundtrack. "It was really important to us that we use a classic Snoop song across all the elements of the campaign, to tie it together and deepen that sense of familiarity," he says. 

"'Who Am I (What's My Name)?' from his classic album Doggystyle fit the bill perfectly. In a nice little bit of serendipity—Doggystyle is about to have its 30th anniversary."

Hip-hop itself turns 50 this year, with SpriteWendy'sPepsi x Apple Music and more inviting rappers like Nas, T-Pain and Bad Bunny to the brand-boosting celebration.


Client: Jack in the Box
Chief Marketing Officer: Ryan Ostrom
VP of Marketing + Communications: Sheena Dougher 
Senior Manager, Brand Marketing: Jessica Deprizio 
Associate Brand Communications Manager: Ashley Rhorer 
Director, Social Media & PR: Morgan Higgins
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Artist/Composer: Snoop Dogg 
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Adrea Lavezzoli - Executive Producer 

Dogg in the Box Activation 
Production Partner: BeCore Executive 
Producer: Preeya Patel
Producer: Hannah Reeder
Producer: Casey Mitchell

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