Netflix Invented a Fake Boy Band to Sing About Its Dating Shows

Nick Lachey can't believe his ears

Here's a little AutoTuned number for all the hottie biscottis out there!

"Open up your heart
And be the real you
You don't have to swipe
'Cause baby our love is true."

Faux boy band N-2-LUV serenades Nick Lachey, the former 98 Degrees frontman, in "Love Has No Off Season," a cute video hyping the Netflix's "Reality Romance" slate of dating series. (Lachey hosts two such shows—Love Is Blind and the forthcoming The Ultimatum.)

Band members include Harry Jowsey, Nathan Webb and Nathan Soan Mngomazulu from Too Hot to Handle, plus Love Is Blind stars Matt Barnett and Jarrette Jones. In true '90s style, they lip-sync, rock retro threads, and flex their pecs to the sex-ay beat:

Netflix Reality Series Announcement | Love Has No Off Season

"Our topic is modern love and romance. Our host is Nick Lachey. And our talent loves to be shirtless," says Dan Lemaux, associate creative director at Chemistry, which helped develop the campaign. "Plus, '90s fashion and songs have made a huge comeback, and our fanbase grew up listening to boy bands. So, a '90s boy band made perfect sense."

"We definitely took inspiration from 98 Degrees, NSync and the Backstreet Boys," adds senior art director Lizzy Powers. "They had the look, the moves and the unique personalities that we wanted to highlight with our own cast."

Jeff McCollister wrote the track, which name-drops new and returning series. Netflix Music Lab handled audio production.

Krista Liney directed, infusing her frames with an ever-so-slight blur reminiscent of vintage vids. Old-style cell phones also appear, plus white tops and light jeans for that authentic boy-band look. Easter eggs from Netflix shows include Webb's stetson (yee-haw!) and Love Is Blind's gold wine glasses.

"We taught the cast a choreographed dance in 10 minutes," Lemaux recalls. "It was a lot to ask, but they all crushed it. Coming up with the moves in-house was a blast. Just imagine a bunch of creatives who can't dance trying to create moves for hot people."

Seeing it my mind. Oh my.

Full lyrics below, boo:

Hey all you little hottie biscottis
We know that dating can be a real drag
But luckily Netflix has endless ways for us to explore love

Too Hot to Handle is coming back
Sex deprived singles looking like snacks
Dated and Related it's not how it sounds
But could you fall in love with your family hangin' around?

Marry or move on it's time to decide
If the grass is greener on the other side
It's called The Ultimatum and it's droppin' 2 seasons
One of which is queer with mostly women

Open up your heart
And be the real you
You don't have to swipe
'Cause baby our love is true
Love has no off season

Hoping Sima can make you that match
When Indian Matchmaking comes back
and if she can't catch us that catch
Maybe Jewish Matchmaking will get you attached

And season 3 of Love is Blind  
and 4 and 5
We'll all be seeing new love for the first time
If love is lost take a second chance
On a new show stars get another try to find their match

Open up your heart
And be the real you
You don't have to swipe
'Cause baby our love is true
Love has no off season

We got year round Netflix love to explore
Like Love on the Spectrum, authentic to its core
Or After the Altar will blind love endure?
I'll add you to My List if you add me to yours. Hey boo.

So open up your heart
And be the real you
You don't have to swipe
'Cause baby our love is true
We've got hours of Netflix pleasing
Baby we're never leaving
Love has no off season


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Tim Smith, President
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Dan Lemaux, Associate Creative Director - Copy
Ben Stansbury, Senior Producer
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Alexa McGriff, Associate Director, Brand Strategy
Payton Russell, Account Supervisor
Lauren Interrante, Project Manager

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