This Mindcraft Map Might Reveal Your Ultimate Superpower: Dyslexia

Well, that's one way to screen

Know somebody who might have dyslexia? Find out if they're fans of Minecraft. If so, pass them this map.

Based on the idea that lots of people live with dyslexia without knowing it—and perhaps may fear finding out—French healthcare charity Puissance Dys enlisted BETC to find a fun way of screening them. The result was a custom map in Mindcraft built by members whose challenges not only screen for dyslexia, but teach people how to use their imaginations and strategic thinking skills in new ways.

Puissance Dys - Mindcraft

Puissance Dys was founded in 1992 by neuropsychologist Béatrice Sauvageot, who wanted to find innovative ways to address dyslexia. The charity's primary focus is on children and young people having issues at school and in social settings, which made Minecraft ideal turf. The game is "notoriously very appealing" for people with dyslexia, BETC says. Markus "Notch" Persson, the game's creator, has it, too.

Like Puissance Dys, the goal of the Mindcraft map isn't just to test people for dyslexia; it's to reveal dyslexia to them as a superpower. In a literacy-driven world, dyslexic people must develop unique approaches to solving problems, thinking critically, collaborating and communicating—all of which is exploited by this custom gaming experience. "Lucky them!" the agency exclaims.

In addition to being favored by dyslexic users, Minecraft itself has long been used by educators and teachers to address various learning challenges. A special Education Edition, released specifically for classroom use, came out just last month, and includes pre-built lessons.

All that aside, Minecraft is just nuts. From this super-accessible lo-fi game of blocks and building, people have joined forces to cobble together veritable empires. But it's not just worlds that get made; Minecraft has inspired new ways of interacting and sharing information. John St. threw a party in Minecraft. Reporters Without Borders, with help from MediaMonks, used it to house a library for countries whose journalists have been censored. Ruth B threw a concert there, organized by young girls interested in STEM and game design. 

If there's an accessible metaverse out there, one that doesn't feel like a virtual LinkedIn monitored by our bosses, it's probably Minecraft.


Campaign: Mindcraft
Brand: Puissance Dys
Brand Manager: Beatrice Sauvageot
Ad Agency: BETC
Agency Managers: Catherine Emprin, Delphine Lebleme, Esther Chevrinais
Chief Creative Officer: Stephane Xiberras
Executive Creative Director: Alasdhair Macgregor
Creative Director: Mathieu Nevians
Copywriters: David Campese, Tiampa Bamrounsavath
Art Director: Julien Lefevre
Map Developer: Axel Bierne
Assistant Supervisor: Yoni Riviere
Graphic Designer: Maxime Delattre
Trailer Maker: DIDJEMATHO, I.S.M.
Web Developer: JULIENS45
Map Builders: Mobiduck, TheGeek, Bidulia, Pinieapple, CachalotDodu, H&Z

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