Ryan Reynolds' Latest Mint Mobile Co-Star Is Invisible

Ties in with his new movie, IF

In a new Mint Mobile ad dropping today, Ryan Reynolds co-stars with an imaginary friend. (And we don't mean Rob McElhenney.)

It's Keith—the invisible pal from Reynolds' upcoming film, IF.

Mint Mobile | Keith's Big News

Produced by Ryan's Maximum Effort agency, the spot puts a cute spin on the Mint green-backdrop formula while cross-promoting in classic Reynolds style.

"Anytime there is an opportunity to strategically connect dots within the Ryan cinematic and business universes, we give it serious consideration," notes Mint CMO Aron North.

At this point, the approach is predictable. In a way, there's really nothing to see here (heh).

And yet, RR inhabits such a rarified zone, his smiley-snarky persona never fails to please. These efforts don't need bells and whistles to break through. (Though cheesy alien attacks and faux profanity were f*****g sweet.)

As for Rob Mac—Ryan's partner in Wrexham AFC and frequent commercial compadre—he's busy baseballizing soccer overseas. Good luck with that.

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