A New Ally for Ryan Reynolds' Wrexham Women's Soccer Club

Here's the presser to prove it

Looking more like twins than ever before, Ryan Reynolds and  Rob McElhenney welcome Ally Financial as a sponsor of their Welch soccer club's women's squad. The bank will back Wrexham AFC Women on their upcoming U.S. tour.

Wrexham owners Rob and Ryan snark it up in a faux press conference below. Barbs fly about McElhenney's big-spending ways.

Ally | Wrexham AFC Women

Ryan's pretty f*****g explicit. Watch the bottom line, Rob!

Srsly, he and Reynolds have struggled with Wrexham's finances. They've lost money—that makes the gag richer! (The joke about "kops" refers to the cost of installing stadium seating.)

"At Ally, we're out to make women's sports unmissable. Sports fans are going to want to come out to watch this tour," says Ally CMO Andrea Brimmer in campaign materials. “The Wrexham AFC Women are massively talented. They have the skills and heart to capture the world’s attention."

Brimmer and Ally's commitment to the cause is well known. Here, they draft potent star power to spread the word.

Rob's More Better Industries, which launched this week, developed the commercial.

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