Ryan Reynolds Peers Not Too Far Into the Future for Mint Mobile

It's 2031, and we've still got green screens

What marvels will the brave new world of 2031 have in store?

For one thing, we'll see Ryan Reynolds with a bit of snow on the roof as he rocks a natty sweater-scarf combo.

Seven years hence, RR will turn 55. He'll be eligible for Mint Mobile's 55+ plan for seniors and deliver his pitch as a wonky UFO zaps the brand's familiar green screen behind him.

Mint Mobile | 55+ Plan

"This is less about a business issue and more about a business opportunity," brand CMO Aron North tells Muse. "Mint has naturally attracted 55+ customers without really trying. They are smart and savvy shoppers and know they get the same amount of data as they would on a Consumer Cellular plan, but at half the cost with Mint."

You might recall, last year, Mint deployed footage of the 15-year-old Ryan. Of course, Reynolds—a company owner—scores at any age.

Both spots are so breezy. We get little more than riffs. Such schtick would almost surely fail with any other celeb. Yet, Ryan's trademark meta-snark prevails.

If he just stood there and did nothing but chant "Mint Mobile" 55 times in a commercial, it'd probably seem hilarious. Monotonous but hilarious. (Feel free to pinch my idea!)

Naturally, Reynolds' agency Maximum Effort produced the 2031 ad, which drops nationwide today.

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