Ryan Reynolds Gets 'as Explicit as Possible' for Mint Mobile

Oh, he's so f*****g funny

Ryan Reynolds is the bleeping king!

Last year, for Aviation Gin, he assaulted pumpkin spice lattes with excised profanity like nobody's business. Now, Ryan's back with the potty mouth for another of his ventures, Mint Mobile, in a price-deflation promo.

"The marketing department asked me to be as explicit as possible when explaining it," he begins.

The :30 plays out exactly as you'd expect:

Mint Mobile | Explicitly Premium Wireless

"Because we don't love f*****g our customers over like Big Wireless, we're bringing back our f*****g offer for f*****g unlimited wireless for only 15 f*****g dollars a month."

It goes on like that, natch, in classic RR fashion, culminating in, "Explicit enough, marketing f***s?"

Sassy delivery, s**t-eating grin, what's not to like?

His schtick never gets old—even if the man himself ages prematurely sometimes.

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