Cookie Monster Tries Something New: Califia Farms Almondmilk

He's into cereal these days, too

Cookie Monster says ... C is for cereal? With Califia Farms Almondmilk?!

Oh, the beloved Muppet still adores cookies. And cow juice, most likely. But he's willing to expand his horizons in a cute spot Califia created with Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Biscuit Filmworks director Jeff Low.

We've all got to make changes eventually. There was a time, after all, when Sesame Street characters didn't appear in ads.

Lately, however, they're working overtime for brands. Cookie's pal Oscar the Grouch signed on as United Airlines chief trash officer, and the Count sank his teeth into NerdWallet.

These campaigns boast considerable charm, with commercial portrayals true to the puppet personalities we know so well. In the Califia spot, there's an especially fine shot of Cookie's face reflected in a bowl, adding a whimsically artful touch. (Not as whimsical as last year's "Calilujah" musical. Thankfully.)

"We believe plants can offer something different and something better, opening up a whole new world of delicious possibilities and prompting consumers to rethink everything, including the type of milk they add to their cereal," says Califia CMO Suzanne Ginestro.

Other recent notable efforts from plant-based brands include Silk's next-gen nod to milk mustache campaigns, and an OnlyFans spoof from Kevin Hart's restaurant startup.

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