For NerdWallet, Sesame Street's Count Knows What Counts

Staking financial angst through the heart

The fact that some people find dealing with numbers scary, especially around investments, loans and insurance, doesn't add up for the Count.

We're speaking of the monocled Count Von Count, that numbers-obsessed, Dracula-style denizen of Sesame Street. He lends his cape, fangs and trademark capacity for calculations to ads for NerdWallet from Deutsch LA.

Using such characters holds some risks for marketers. They are iconic and beloved in a way that crosses generational and cultural barriers. They must never seem manipulative, unauthentic or pushy.

Here, the toothy one feels especially on brand. He's all about digits, after all, and hails from a media property that helps folks increase their knowledge. And NerdWallet provides guidance and products to help smooth out customers' finances. So, the matchup tallies.

"The brand's willingness to engage in broader culture has enabled us to creatively stretch the normal boundaries of the category," says agency CCO Ryan Lehr. "The economy has a lot of people scared about their personal finances. But by framing-up the conversation with Sesame Street's Count Von Count, it becomes a little less daunting and a bit more fun."

The :60 will run in cinemas, with edits appearing across TV, digital and social media.

Sink your teeth into some outtakes below:


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