Silk Creates a Next-Gen Nod to Iconic Milk Mustache Campaign

The sincerest form of flattery?

Got plant-based milk? That’s the sentiment driving Silk's latest campaign that drops today. 

Silk Nextmilk promises a better beverage made from plants—and delivers a fresh take on iconic milk mustache advertising of yore. You remember those, right? Some used the "Got Milk?" tagline. Now, Silk spins the concept for a new generation.

Non-dairy products have increasingly become consumer staples in recent years, "so it was time for us to be part of that mainstream culture with this campaign," says Olivia Sanchez, VP, marketing, plant-based beverages for Danone North America, which owns Silk.

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Ads feature the offspring of several celebrities that appeared in milk mustache efforts from the 1990s and 2000s. (Those were produced nationally by the Milk Processor Education Program). 

In the Silk version, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham takes the mantle from his father, superstar soccer player David. You can see shades of model/actress Christie Brinkley in her daughter Sailor. All of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal’s children—Amirah, Me’Arah, Myles, Shareef and Shaqir—get 'stached together. And Myles also appears in a solo ad, as does Ella Bleu Travolta, who honors her mother, the late actress Kelly Preston Travolta.

Danone developed the initiative with creative agency Orchard. Ads will run for two weeks in the digital out-of-home space in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York. Silk also sees a takeover happening today, as well as customized integrations on TV, including a partnership with Jimmy Kimmel.

TikTok's also in the mix, and some of the celeb progeny will post recipes that use Nextmilk as an ingredient. Ultimately, the campaign will transition to show everyday folks, too.

"In 2022, 65 percent of Gen Z said they wanted a more plant-forward diet," Sanchez says, "What we hear from them is their food choices are a part of who they are. And we knew that Nextmilk as a breakthrough innovation from plants was deserving of a campaign that embraces the next generation of milk drinkers in an extremely culturally and intuitive way."


Client: Danone North America 
Creative Agency: Orchard
Photo Agency: SN37
Production Company: Petty Cash
Motion Editorial: Exile Edit
Stills Post Production: Dcoy Studios
Paid Media Agency: Wavemaker
PR Agency: ICF Next

Danone North America 
Shane Grant, Chief Executive Office, Danone North America
Carlos Veraza, President of Danone US
John Starkey, President and General Manager, Plant-Based
Linda Bethea, Head of Marketing 
Olivia Sanchez, VP of Marketing, Plant-Based Beverages
Eric Flinn, Executive Creative Director
Carolyn Sklar, Senior Director, Communications
Erica Rhodin, Sr. Associate Brand Manager, Silk Almond
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Kelly Duff, Senior Producer 

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Michelle Smith, Copywriter
Jenn Pennington, Head of Production
Julie Jean-Baptiste, Senior Producer 
Lucie Kittel, Business Director
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Rare Medium - Motion
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Mikey Rossiter, Colorist
Tj Seiler, Colorist Assist

Shahnaz Mahmud
Shahnaz Mahmud is a contributing writer to Muse by Clio.

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