Fat Tire Brewed a Nasty Beer From the Climate-Ravaged Future

From what's left of Earth's ingredients

If you're thinking beer made with smoke-tainted water, dandelions and drought-resistant grains like millet might taste not so great, you'd be wrong. This stuff's complete crap! Ew! Pass the mouthwash!

The noxious concoction represents beer from our climate-ravaged future. New Belgium's Fat Tire and creative agency Red & Co. brewed up a batch ahead of Earth Day last week.

This project video explains all:

Fat Tire | Torched Earth

Would drinking it make you sterile or blind? Probably not—or maybe both, but you won't knock back enough to find out.

According to sustainability-minded Fat Tire, the smokey malt in limited-edition Torched Earth embodies the impact wildfires will have on our planet's water supply, and millet and buckwheat were used because those grains can tolerate shifting weather zones. Dandelions, which can grow anywhere, even in an agricultural apocalypse-zone 25 years hence (presumably), add body and bitterness. Shelf-stable hops extract provides ... something, too. Something nasty!

L.A. artist Kelly Malka designed these neo-futuristic product cans:

Torched Earth is available online and in stores in Fort Collins, Colo., and Asheville, N.C. (New Belgium's bases of operation). Two four-packs of 16-ounce cans cost $39.99 online.

Of course, that's a bargain compared to what beer might cost in dark times to come if we don't reverse climate change.

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