Corona and W+K Made a Big Statement About Plastic Pollution on a Beach in Mexico

Brand used waste materials to write a giant letter in the sand

You've seen trash on the beach before, but never quite like this.

Corona went big this week to tout sustainability and raise awareness of ocean pollution. Working with Wieden+Kennedy Portland, the AB InBev brand launched two markedly different global initiatives that encourage everyone to "Imagine a World Free of Plastic."

First, on a strip of coastline along Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, the team wrote a huge message in the sand, formed from 1,100 pounds of waste:

World Oceans Day | The Plastic Letter

"These words are written in ocean plastic," copy begins. "They could go on forever. But words won't solve anything. We need plastic gone from beached like this one and businesses like ours." The plea ends with Corona's logo and the URL

To bring the project to life, the beer brand and local partners gathered materials from the shoreline and spent more than a week building the installation ahead of World Oceans Day on June 8.

Click to see a larger image here:

"The clean-up of the beach took four to five days," recalls W+K art director Brad Trost. "That included collecting the plastic and doing a bit of sorting by container type and color, and then removing a substantial amount of seaweed."

Once that was done, "the construction of the actual letter started," Trost says. "Trenches were dug in typographic formations and filled with the plastic—everything from water bottles and sandals to action hero figures. It took around another three days when you account for sea turtles visiting to make nests—and the occasional typo."

Ultimately, of course, "every single piece of plastic was hauled away and recycled, leaving a perfect natural paradise better suited for the wildlife that call it home than it had been for a long time," he says.

The team recreated the "Plastic Letter"—a term associated with outdoor signage—in Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Germany, the Canary Islands, Italy and Puerto Rico. All told, some 300 million tons of plastic collects in the world's oceans each year, accounting for 80 percent of marine debris overall.

"An open letter to the world made out of plastic seemed to strike the right balance of simplicity and sincerity," says Trost. (A rival brewer, Coors Light, envisioned a plastic-free world in its own way a few months back with this pop-up "Future Mart" made entirely from sustainable materials.)

Corona and W+K also devised a poetic short film, "77 Earths," with Stink Film director Douglas Bernhardt. Amid images of everyday folks enjoying Brazil's natural beauty, the spot employs CGI to show a sky crowded with duplicates of the blue orb we call home:

Corona | 77 Earths

"If there were 77 Earths," the narration begins, "nature would be endless. Shorelines and deep blues would go on forever. No shortage of surf breaks or hidden beaches ... We could waste an Earth. Or two. Or 10."

Reality hits at the end: "There aren't 77. That's why we have a net-zero plastic footprint. Join us and protect our oceans."

The premise, well-served by the cosmic sea-sky visuals, feels a bit different in the category, if a tad too brand-boosting for its own good, with Corona bottles invading those spacey frames. (In fairness, the company has long cleaned up beaches and championed the cause, so it's earned the right to show off some merch.)

"We wanted to remind people about the inherent beauty in the natural world—but with a slight twist, by asking what if nature and its resources were endless," says Trost. "That's where the idea of multiple Earths in the sky came from."

"Even though the film feels like it's showing another reality, it's actually showing that even though we all know we only have one Earth, we're acting like there are 77," adds agency creative director Dan Viens.

To drive consumer engagement, Corona will recycle the equivalent of one plastic bottle for each purchase made in Brazil, Chile and Guatemala.

The push also includes OOH and social assets.



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