Why Ruin Thanksgiving Turkeys? Order KFC Instead

That might be the baste strategy (oof!)

Turkeys seared to a crisp, as if by flames from hell. Turkeys so underdone, they might not thaw out until spring. Have we nothing to be thankful for!?

How about deliveries from KFC? Chicken's a bird, too. Just eat it!

Getting a jump on Thanksgiving, the fast feeder's Canadian ops and agency Courage just dropped work that's all about scarfing down KFC and leaving kitchen calamities behind.

Themed "Thankfully, There's KFC Delivery," the push includes short vids stuffed with naught but despair and charred chestnuts:

KFC | Thankfully 1
KFC | Thankfully 2

Who's up for seconds?

There's OOH, too, and it's equally unappetizing:

"Every year, we see tons of videos across social media documenting dramatic Thanksgiving turkey fails, which can totally ruin the day that some spend months planning," says Cindy Marie Navarro, creative director at Courage. "We wanted to capture these exact moments that can trigger so much panic in order to illustrate that KFC is not only a tasty backup plan, but an even better first choice this holiday season."

We've seen a bucketful of kooky, attention-grabbing work from this agency-client team in recent months. The selection ranges from a funny French fry funeral to badass Colonel Sanders and heartfelt apologies offered to knives, forks and spoons.

Pass me a drumstick! But please, make it KFC.

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