KFC Canada Stages a Funny Funeral for Its French Fries

The side is dead, long live the side!

KFC Canada has been killing it lately, ad-wise, with Colonel Sanders getting all potty-mouthed and joining Street Fighter 6 in recent campaigns from Courage.

Now, the brand is staging a funeral. For its French fries. The old recipe sucked, apparently. So, the dish will be reborn for a new generation.

KFC Fry Funeral

"I feel like a big reason for some of the work coming out of KFC Canada is momentum," Courage CCO Dhaval Bhatt tells Muse. "We were lucky to start with some fun work out of the gate, and that momentum just feeds more creativity."

The event streams live on Aug. 1 at noon, with a hearse set to roll the deceased through the streets of Toronto.

"We knew that Canadians hated our old fries and so we saw this as an opportunity to show our fans we hear them by changing up this menu item and launching it in a fun way," says marketing defector Azim Akhtar. "The KFC brand is all about being bold and fun. This satirical campaign allows us to introduce an exciting new product that we’re proud of, while making light of a product that wasn’t as beloved by Canadians."

Wonder where they'll hold the funeral dinner? How about McDonald's? They've got the best fries!

Folks can sample KFC's new tater sticks for $1 at restaurants, here and through the chain's app.

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