McDonald's Brings Exotic Overseas Menu Items to the U.S. of A.

Time to burn that passport!

Why bother traveling abroad to experience different cultures and cuisines when you can stay right here in Trump's America and order from McDonald's Worldwide Favorites Menu? 

Srsly, it's pricey and time consuming to visit Spain or the Netherlands just for a taste of the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger or the Stroopwafel McFlurry. And the electrical outlets in those places are absotively wack! 

Now, you can just hit a participating stateside Mickey D's and feed your Yankee Doodle face. These commercials from We Are Unlimited break it down. In English! 

Worldwide Favorites: Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger | McDonald's
Worldwide Favorites: Stroopwafel McFlurry | McDonald's

Sure, they actually made the ads on location in Europe. They're agency people. What did you expect? 

Campaign support includes content on McD's dedicated billboard in Times Square. (That's in NYC, which is part of the USA. Barely.) 

When you get tired of playing the Ugly 'Murican, check out the immersive VR experience on the McDonald's app. Created with Sapient and UNLTD, it lets users explore the origin countries of their worldwide faves, unlock special Spotify playlists (though not this one), and place mobile orders. 

Still hungry? Here's a Snapchat lens that takes you on a virtual world tour and fills your glasses with the flags of nations that used to be our allies. 


Worldwide Favorites Campaign

Client: McDonald’s
Chief Marketing Officer: Morgan Flatley
VP of Brand & Content Marketing: Kenny Mitchell
VP Media, CRM & Data: Alycia Mason
Brand & Content Sr. Marketing Director: Julie Wenger 
Brand & Content Marketing Director: Michael Joiner 
Brand & Content Marketing Manager: Ivonne Loza
Brand & Content Marketing Supervisor: Kelley Crismore 
Brand & Content Marketing Social Supervisor: Faizan Tahir
Head of Cultural Engagement: Lizette Williams 
Cultural Engagement Marketing Manager: Nathalia Cambraia 
Media Manager: Alise Flores 

Creative Agency: We Are Unlimited
Chief Creative Officer, DDB North America: Ari Weiss
Chief Creative Officer, We Are Unlimited: Toygar Bazarkaya 
Executive Creative Director: John Hansa
Creative Director: Josh Mizrachi
Creative Director: Jimmy Dietzen
Senior Copywriter: Sara Dembkowski 
Senior Art Director: Georgia Taylor
Producer: Katie Green
Senior Strategist: Francis Coyne
Head of Account Management: Melanie Behling 
Account Director: Ashton Mitchell
Account Executive: Vanessa Hobson
Assistant Account Executive: Ciara Rose 
Senior Project Manager: Caroline Helms

Production Company: Tool
Director: Brig White
EP: Rob Sexton
DP: Tim Maurice Jones
Line Producer: Wade Brandenberger

Editorial: Whitehouse Chicago
Editor: Carlos Lowenstein
Asst Editor: Max Mooney
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Senior Producer: Jamie Hoskins Smith

Music: Tuesday Collective
EP: Theo de Gunzburg

Multicultural Agency: ALMA
VP, Executive Creative Director: Jorge Murillo
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Multicultural Agency: IW
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Group Client Director: Flora Zhao
Planning: Bertha Lee

Multicultural Agency: Boden
Creative Director, Lejanet Herrera
Account Supervisor, Kaitlin LaBruzzo
Account Executive, Gabriela Berrios

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